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Good Mental Health through Thinking Training

The aim of Thinking Training is to teach you about your mind and how it works.
Knowing this can help you achieve and maintain good Mental Health.

Here you can learn things that you weren’t taught in school, such as how your Emotional and Nervous Systems work, in the same way as you were taught about your Circulatory, Digestive and  Muscular Systems.

Knowing how your body works helps you to create and maintain peak physical health by following certain well known habits and exercises.

Similarly, knowing how your mind works will help you to Train Your Thinking to produce and maintain good Mental Health.

The same way as all of our bodies are pretty much the same, so too are our minds.

No matter what you are feeling, or how worried you are about that feeling, your mind is working the same as mine and everybody else’s.

And because of that, what you are experiencing is not new or unique, it can be explained and remedied.

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